How to look after your car during lockdown


During these times of restricted movement, when your car might be parked up for long periods of time without being driven it's more important than ever to look after it inside and out to avoid damage.

We've put together some top tips on how best to look after your car during these times.

  • Lockdown Car Tips: Battery Health
  • Avoiding a flat battery

    The best way to ensure your car makes it through reduced usage is to keep its battery healthy.

    If your car is parked for a long period of time you should simply start it up once a week and let it run for around 15 minutes. Not only will this give the battery time to increase its charge, but will also circulate oil and fuel around the engine. While the car is running, turn the air conditioning on as this will help maintain the seals in the air conditioning system and reduce the chance of mould developing in your car’s air circulation system.

    Avoid turning your car on and off again in quick succession as the starter motor requires battery power each time it’s used, which won’t be replenished unless the battery is given time to charge.

    Never leave your car unattended when it’s switched on and always ensure that the vehicle is out doors when starting and running.

  • Lockdown Car Tips: Tyre Health
  • Take care of your tyres

    Your car will loose pressure as time goes on so keeping your tyres topped up with air to the maximin recommended pressure.

    If your car is left without moving for a long period of time, this can lead to your tyres having a flat spot or even the tyres loosing their round shape. This is more common on older tyres.

  • Lockdown Car Tips: Fuel Levels
  • Keep your levels topped up

    Check fluid levels to keep your engine maintained to ensure your car is ready to drive whenever you need it.

    Check your oil levels, that you have enough fuel in your tank, coolant and windscreen wash.

  • Lockdown Car Tips: Cleaning your Car
  • Spring clean your car

    Washing your car before storing or using it less frequently will not only help keep it looking its best, but could prevent paint damage further down the road.

    Waxing your car can stop tree sap, bird droppings and harsh weather leaving its mark on your paintwork, be sure to clean your car before applying a coat of wax.

    When cleaning, paying attention to your tyres will ensure brake shavings, mud and grease is removed, assisting in the prevention of corrosion later on.

    Cleaning the inside of your car is more important than ever. To ensure you remove all surface bacteria, crumbs or food that may decay from your interior be sure to clean all areas including infotainment controls, air vents, seatbelts & clips, door handles, grab handles and keys.

  • Lockdown Car Tips: Parking
  • Park in a suitable place

    If you’re not planning on using your car for a while, it’s ideal to leave it parked somewhere safe and sheltered from the elements. A garage is the best choice, however if you don’t have a garage try parking your car somewhere shaded during the day and well-lit at night. Trees offer protection from some types of weather but will leave your car more vulnerable to bird droppings and tree sap.

For more information on how to look after your car during lockdown, please contact us or if you car is covered under the HondaCare Roadside Assistance programme call 1850 85 85 11. Alternatively, use the red button below to book a service today.



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